Excerpt from 'Daniels Daughter'


He knew that he had died, he had been at the funeral.

Susan, his daughter had cried and lots of lovely people had been there, they had said such nice things.

But he couldn’t hold his daughter or comfort her, couldn’t dry her tears. She had sobbed in her husband’s arms and Daniel had felt relief as her husband, what was his name again? He had held her close and given her strength. Daniel had liked him that day.

He often visited Susan in the day time at her house, in the afternoon when she came home from work. She was always busy, tidying or cooking.

Daniel just watched and felt warmth at the sight of her face. He usually left not long after ‘what’s his name’ came home. He didn’t want to see them kissing or worse.

The first time he saw The Brute was when Daniel had arrived, and Susan wasn’t home, she was late. Her husband got in first and he was very unhappy. Daniel had been waiting by the door for Susan. ‘Thingy’ waited too and the moment she walked in he wacked her in the face. Daniel was so surprised he faded out from lack of concentration, quickly he came back to find his daughter on the floor her brute of a husband standing over her. He was kicking her, kicking Daniel’s baby daughter in the stomach and the legs. Daniel wailed falling to his knees beside his little girl and tried to get in the way or stop the blows from raining down, but he was not really there, not in a way that could help.

Graveyard Crow

Excerpt from 'A Green Soul'

One large lad was caught in the eye, he fell to the ground and screamed a wail of agony that made the others fight harder against the tendrils of this vengeful plant.

The long green stems began to engulf the large fallen youth, binding themselves tightly around his flailing limbs.

As the others finally ripped their way out stumbling into each other, bloody; their clothes torn and faced slashed, they ran up the path away from the pain and terror, leaving behind their fallen comrade.